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Raja usually eats his lunch alone. I should've stayed a little longer.

She seems to be living by the lake.

Respect yourself. I'll tell him what I know. No one believed in his innocence. It's cheaper to go by train. I watch the birds.

That's a bankrupt idea, as the history of modern politics readily shows. He came close to losing an eye. Will you come to our usual game of poker next Friday?

I'm a very good listener. Randall looks pretty miserable. You ought not to break your promise. Don't let anyone open the windows. All the money was gone.

Understood why I am opposed to women on the tatami? I'm Polish. Gigi is making me do this. I won't tell anyone about Kinch. Peter wants to make sure we understand what he wants. This cloth wears well. I want to learn how to play football. However hungry you are, you must eat slowly. Katalin dedicated her life to Esperanto. I'm sure Clay will never forget it.

Whoever may oppose my plan, I will carry it out nonetheless. I don't have the patience to go along with my wife to clothing stores. You're German, right?

What a beautiful sweater! She's loved by her friends. The pianist she'd hired knew enough pieces to play all throughout the soiree. The sun has dried up the ground. She went there last summer. These are the clothes that Brett gave me. These cars were imported from Germany. Was it a hard decision? Believe you me. The statement sounds improbable.

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Asians eat a lot of rice. He doesn't want you to talk about your sexual life to him. Jeannette already has enough to worry about. Tammy realized Joanne was expecting him to laugh, so he started laughing. They are all very happy. Hey, can anybody hear me?

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